About Us

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ROJO Parts and Equipment Ltd in Partnership trades in the supply, distribution and servicing of parts and equipment for the automotive industry as well as our primary services for the demolition, constructions and mining sector. ROJO Hammer is currently based in Jamaica and the United Kingdom and is continuing to grow in influence and trading operations in numerous new Jurisdictions.

Our partnership ROJOHammer.com with the manufacturer Hammer (a Kinshofer company) has yeilded the creation of a strong distribution network that is now growing in strength across the Caribbean, namely the countries of Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.  Our partnership has allowed ROJOHammer to be certified as the sole official supplier for all Hammer produced products in the jurisdictions mentioned above. Hammer a mechanical company working in the field of earth moving machinery (M.M.T.), specialised in the design, construction and marketing of hydraulic breakers from 70 to 14500 kg, shears, crushers, buckets and scrap shears for demolition.

Our Service Centre, under development, will provide access to parts, rapid service and expertise for all Hammer products for the region. We aim to strengthen the customer confidence in providing access to expert advice and equipment analysis/testing to ensure the best accessories are purchased based on requirement/need.

Therefore our mission is to provide our Customers with the first world rated equipment at the best prices, with the most comprehensive service model for the region! 


                                                                                                                   - BE AT YOUR BEST BY USING THE BEST -